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Valley of Peace farms is nestled in the Grande Ronde Valley below the Blue Mountains. From learning about gardening with parents to farming in northeast Montana, Herman and Lilia Ortmann have more than 55 years of farming and gardening experience. 

"We pride ourselves on the quality of our produce. We started with a small garden and soon realized that our produce was so much better than 'store bought' items. The 'farm' began to take shape when we would give away our extra, and soon we had expanded the plot to raise more. We have evolved into a small family owned and operated farm that proudly serves Union, Baker, Wallowa and Umatilla County. We love providing healthy food to our communities and strive to sell the best produce possible. We hope you can taste the love and joy we have for gardening in every bite you take."

Herman and Lilia provide naturally grown and certified organic produce specializing in gourmet garlic varieties. 

Valley of Peace Farms