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Umapine Creamery, in Milton-Freewater, is owned by Brent and Yvonne Carroll. Their desire is to introduce and provide local artisan cheeses to Northeast Oregon and Eastern Washington. After many years in the production end of the dairy business, the farm has passed to the next generation (Creamline Farms). The cows are still next door to the creamery and provide the freshest milk possible.

Yvonne spent her childhood on her grandparents' Ayrshire dairy, and has now become an artisan farmstead cheese maker. Brent found very kind and knowledgeable dairymen to usher him into becoming a dairyman. His interest in learning and sharing that knowledge led him to become an agriculture science teacher and an FFA advisor.

These cheeses are a gouda style, which simply means they are a washed-curd cheese. Different results are achieved depending on how the curd is cut and cooked, how the cheese is aged, and what flavorings are added. All cheeses are aged at least 60 days.

Umapine Creamery