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Five generations ago the Mader family started farming. Steve and Kevin and their families carry on the tradition today using sustainable farming methods to preserve our natural resources. Our farm operations span across the southeast part of Washington State and are headquartered in Pullman, Washington. In 2001 we acted on an opportunity to add a cleaning facility to our operation. Our cleaning plant, Palouse Trading, is located in Palouse, Washington, just north of Pullman. Originally named Wallace Grain and Pea Company in the 1930s, Palouse Trading was designed for quality instead of quantity. We take raw food product and clean it into food grade edible product, which our customers find appealing because of the nutritional and aesthetic values.

Our Climate Pledge

We believe in preserving our natural resources and treating them with care - growing crops that naturally add nitrogen naturally back into the soils. We look at every input from our farming to our packaging with the climate in mind.

The farm operation uses the latest in sustainable agricultural practices. We have been using Direct Seeding and NO-Till practices since 1982. These changes have greatly reduced soil erosion, have increased soil health and helped us control our cost in an ever-rising input cost environment. In 2006 we became “Food Alliance” certified.

We are committed to improving our farms and we are committed to evaluating new technologies and farming practices that ensure our ground is forever protected as well as viable.

We don’t just stop at preserving the land – it's our packaging too!

Our 5 LB bags are packaged in burlap (aka jute). Burlap is a vegetable fiber that can be spun into strong threads to make fabric. The burlap we use is important in packaging. Although it is much more expensive than other materials, the burlap keeps the inside of the bag dark which is necessary for preserving the color of our food. If we allowed the food to be out in light (natural or unnatural) for an extended period of time you would see a less aesthetically pleasing product. For example, our green peas would fade to white.

Our 3 LB bags are 100% cotton. Cotton is also plant-derived, re-useable and environmentally friendly. The ink we print on all our bags is water-based and environmentally friendly.

Not only do we select earth-friendly fabrics for our packaging but they also play an important role in preserving the aesthetic quality of our foods for your long time enjoyment.

Palouse Brand