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Lazy Mule Farm is a draft-powered vegetable farm that grows garlic and salad mix in Enterprise. We are working our way towards organic certification, we use all natural soil amendments and no synthetic sprays. We value the tradition of farming with draft animals, soil health and land stewardship. 

Lazy Mule Farm was born out of a mutual love and respect for the tradition of draft farming by Jessica Bass and her partner, Adam McGrath. They met on a draft powered farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Among other titles, Adam was in charge of the draft horse program and Jess had just learned to drive a team and was hoping to keep working with horses. They bonded over their love of ponies, music, and swimming in the river. Just one year later, they purchased a Belgian mule team, without land or a clear vision. They only knew that they wanted to keep working with draft animals, and so this was one sure way to commit themselves to it.

Jess and Adam arrived in Wallowa County in April 2020 and plan to carry out the dream of farming, packing, and skiing their way through the foreseeable future.

Photo by Talia Jean Filipek

Lazy Mule Farm