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As a creative, critical thinker and artisan, Becky Hostetter rejects homogenization and is in constant pursuit of things that are uniquely beautiful and original. Conveying truth, beauty and light is her ultimate desire and pursuit in all that she produces.

So, when she began to study the art of soap-making, she quickly realized she wanted to do more than make just another homemade cleansing bar of soap—as lovely as that is. She wanted to do something that was not only functional but also unique, and something that reflected her philosophy of life and art. The same is true of her candles.

Irene & Co. candles are handcrafted one at a time using only the finest ingredients. Each and every candle’s fragrance is Becky's custom blend using luxurious, long and clean burning natural coconut wax as well as top-quality fragrance oils and essential oils. Irene & Co. candles are eco-friendly and clean burning. The hang-tags are removable, so you are left with a lovely container to upcycle later on.

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Irene & Co.