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Hayshaker Farm is a small-scale, draft powered vegetable growing operation based in southeast Washington state. 2023 marks our ninth season. The business is owned and operated on leased land by Chandler Briggs.

We farm on 8 irrigated acres, growing diversified vegetables and fruit for local families, grocery stores and restaurants.

Our farm is partly draft horse-powered, thanks to the help of our fuzzy teammates, Dusty, Juni, Jane, Ruby and Gus and sometimes other helpful visiting horses. In addition to the compost they help create daily, they help us plow, disc, harrow, cultimulch, cultivate, spread compost, pull loads and harvest crops. We also use a BCS for tilling the salad field and flail mowing. We have a small tractor for pallet forks, bucket and a rotary mower.

Hayshaker also runs the Walla Walla Food Hub, a food hub similar to GWC Provisions. "We feature our produce but carry many other producers’ goods from across the region. The food hub is managed by the farmers and is a regular part of the work here."

Hayshaker Farm/Walla Walla Food Hub