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Tyler Carroll grew up in Milton-Freewater on the Carroll Heifer Ranch, home of Umapine Creamery. He married Erica Turner, and the two took over the ranch and opened their own dairy, Creamline Farms, where Erica creates flavored butter.

Pastured Jersey, Holstein and Milking Shorthorn cows. They credit their success to "green grass, great cows, fresh milk, tasty cheeses and great customers."

Creamilne Farms is "a natural dairy, but not organic. We avoid antibiotic use, but we use medicine when cows are sick and especially in a life-saving situations. We have the vet visit every 3 weeks, and our nutritionist visits once a month. Milk from antibiotic cows is dumped and not in our butter. We keep 300 cows - primarily Jersey, with some Brown Swiss and Holstein cross bred. They have access to pasture 365 days/year and are primarily grass-fed. They also eat local alfalfa hay. They are fed daily a mix of grass hay/corn silage/vitamins & minerals. We feed grains depending on the time of year and nutritionist recommendations."

Creamline Farms