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Vinegar, Apple Cider

Vinegar, Apple Cider

375 ml bottle
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Made from Walla Walla Valley apples!

Steelhead Apple Cider Vinegar made from Walla Walla Valley apples! 5% of proceeds go to the Blue Mountain Land Trust and its program to improve Salmon and Steelhead habitat in and around the Blue Mountains.

Comes to us from Vim & Vinegar via Walla Walla Food Hub. Vinegar: What wine and cider want to be. In 2013, my wife Kristen and I moved to Walla Walla from Denver so that I could attend Walla Walla Community College’s hands-on Enology and Viticulture program. Like all students, I was encouraged to start making wine right away. My early attempts were, by winemaking standards, not so successful. Soon, my organic, "sulfite-free" wine began to form a thin film on its surface (known as mother-of-vinegar) and tasted, well, a lot like vinegar. For some students, these would have been simple mistakes; for me, they were my first steps toward Vim & Vinegar.

By my second year, I knew I was not on the traditional winemaking path - I was hooked on vinegar. In wine sensory classes, I'd taste some of the world’s most highly-regarded wines and think: "this is really good. I wonder how it'd be as vinegar?" It’s safe to say that I was a black sheep of the program.

Bringing craft vinegar to the Walla Walla Valley. Walla Walla is the perfect place to source the best ingredients for Vim & Vinegar’s craft products.