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Squash, Acorn Organic

Squash, Acorn Organic


Dark green exterior with golden interior

Great sliced or stuffed and roasted. Equally delicious prepared savory or sweet.

Average weight is 2-3lbs

Comes to us from Boldly Grown Farm (Burlington, WA) via Walla Walla Food Hub. We are Certified Organic with Oregon Tilth. Following organic practices means that we grow our crops without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We use cover cropping and crop rotations to improve soil fertility, build organic matter and manage diseases. We manage pests by providing habitat for beneficial insects, scheduled monitoring and, when needed, targeted use of organic inputs. We manage weeds through tractor cultivation and a whole lot of hand weeding! In future years we hope to incorporate grains and pastured poultry into our farm, creating a diverse and resilient agroecosystem.