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Salt, Garlic Scape

Salt, Garlic Scape

4 oz jar

Ah, early summer. The season of lengthening and warmer days, blooming flowers, and delicious garlic scapes.

Garlic scapes are long, curly, vibrant green stalks produced from garlic bulbs during their growing cycle. If left alone, they would turn into gorgeous blooms.

We took those scapes, dried them with fresh parsley, and infused salt with their delicate oils and plant material. The resulting offering is a beautiful green, has incredible flavor, and a mild smell. Perfect for finishing salads, pasta dishes, or as part of a rub for meats. Really, it can be used anywhere you want great flavor to round out your meal.

*Our offerings are sold by net weight, not volume. It is normal that the jar is not filled to the brim.*


Kosher salt, garlic scapes, parsley