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Quinine Tonic, reserve

Quinine Tonic, reserve

16 fl. oz.
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RUBY D Quinine Tonics are small-batch brewed using extraordinary spices, organic herbs, and genuine cinchona bark. They use organic agave nectar to lightly sweeten the concentrate, which can be used to make tonic water for a delicious cocktail or mocktail, added to hot water for a soothing tea, or added to sparkling wine for a zesty spritzer!

Notes for Reserve flavor: Simply put, our best tonic. Reserve is brewed with significantly more cinchona bark (thus more quinine) and barely sweetened, resulting in a timeless, classic flavor. This is the G&T tonic.

No preservatives, sugar, or anything artificial. Packaged in glass bottle.

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Water (infused with cinchona bark, rosehips, hibiscus petals, imported spices, herbs, and citrus), organic agave, and citric acid. Contains quinine.