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Quinine Tonic, cardamom flavor

Quinine Tonic, cardamom flavor

16 fl. oz.
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RUBY D Quinine Tonics are small-batch brewed using extraordinary spices, organic herbs, and genuine cinchona bark. They use organic agave nectar to lightly sweeten the concentrate, which can be used to make tonic water for a delicious cocktail or mocktail, added to hot water for a soothing tea, or added to sparkling wine for a zesty spritzer!

Notes for Cardamom flavor: Brewed with the same ingredients as Original, but with nearly triple the amount of cardamom and allspice. We like this tonic with apple cider, champagne cocktails, or bourbon. It is also a stunning addition to a mojito!

No preservatives, sugar, or anything artificial. Packaged in glass bottle.

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Water (infused with cinchona bark, rosehips, hibiscus petals, imported spices, herbs, and citrus), organic agave, and citric acid. Contains quinine.