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Rosemary, Fresh Organic

Rosemary, Fresh Organic


Fresh cut bunches. A flavor bomb!

This product comes to us via Walla Walla Food Hub from The Crows Farm, currently located at Viva Farms where we grow a wide selection of fresh culinary herbs, Italian crops such as, fennel, chicories, radicchio, heirloom tomatoes, as well as fall brassicas and winter squash.

We are Certified Organic through Oregon Tilth. The quality of our produce starts with our soil. We practice crop rotations to eliminate disease pressure and plant cover crops to add nutrients and maintain healthy soil structure throughout the year. Beneficial insects and pollinators are attracted to our fields, mainly due to our diverse fresh cut herbs and flowers, which allows our farm to maintain a balanced ecosystem. We take pride in our role as environmental stewards for our small farm.