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Mushrooms, Chanterelle Dried

Mushrooms, Chanterelle Dried

2 oz. resealable bag

A must for mushroom soup! Aromatic and flavorsome, great in pastas or with fish. Easy to rehydrate.

Comes to us from Foraged & Found Edibles (Seattle), via Farmstand Local Foods. Founded in 2001, Foraged and Found Edibles built a reputation for impeccable quality in the wild food world, offering foraged mushrooms, wild greens, berries and teas to professional chefs and home cooks alike. We sell our products to hundreds of the country’s most well respected restaurants, at our local Seattle markets.
Our wild edibles are harvested solely in North America, keeping a focus on the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is not to be first with our products each season, but to wait for the right time to harvest for peak flavor, freshness and sustainability. As former chefs, we offer customers a unique expertise when it comes to the harvesting and cooking of each ingredient. Despite our growth, unparalleled quality remains at the forefront of our mission.