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Mushrooms, Chestnut

Mushrooms, Chestnut

1/3# package

Mild earthy flavor with notes of a peppery finish

This mushroom has a unique make up, so after the cooking process it maintains a very particular texture, almost crunching. The texture excites an average dish with variation and plays very well in creme sauces. It excels in miso and other brothy soups; or add it to a stir fry or substitute into your favorite sauce recipe. It can also be seared with garlic and oil or butter and added atop salad or in spring rolls.

For longest shelf life, we recommend storing in a paper bag in the fridge. They can also be stored frozen.

If mushrooms dry up, they are still usable. Especially in a sauce or soup. If you see a white fuzz, especially at the base of the stems, that is the mycelium growing out. That is also edible. The thing to watch for are sliminess, strong orders, and non-white fuzz.

Comes to us from Chesed Farms (Walla Walla) via Walla Walla Food Hub. The word “Chesed” is defined as: Lovingkindness, the idea of faithful love in action and often in the refers to God’s lovingkindness expressed in His covenant relationship with His people. God’s chesed-love denotes persistent and unconditional tenderness, kindness, and mercy, a relationship in which He seeks after man with love and mercy. This captures the spirit of why we operate a local farm. To show love to our neighbors and community through providing nutritious, healthy, conscious food.