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Hazelnuts, Organic roasted and salted

Hazelnuts, Organic roasted and salted

6 oz. bag

Slow roasted, Oregon-grown whole Organic Hazelnuts!Our local Organic Sacajawea hazelnut grower, Jim Lackner of Lackner Brothers Farm, has a young 10-acre organic hazelnut orchard located in Scio, Oregon. The Lackner Brothers Farm was established in 1962, but farming has been part of Jim's heritage for even longer. Some of the land he tills has been in the family since 1884. Jim and his family strive to be good stewards of the land and manage through increasing the fertility of the soil for future generations. Made in small batches to ensure freshness, our hazelnuts are salted and slow-roasted to bring out a rich, nutty-sweet flavor.


Oregon Organic Hazelnuts, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Real SaltĀ®