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Rye flour is a nutritious and flavorful baking option to add to your favorite breads and pastries.

Rye grown by MW Grain in Lind, WA. Try using rye in brownies or cookies for a unique texture and flavor!

Comes to us from Alvarez Organic Farmsvia Walla Walla Food Hub. Alvarez Organic Farms has been in the agriculture business for well over 30 years. In those same years much of the small, environmentally friendly family farms have morphed into large-scale agribusinesses, without regard on the adverse environmental effects. Being certified organic for over 20 years, sustainable agriculture is one thing that the Alvarez Family has embedded into their farming tradition. Biodiversity is something common in organic agriculture, but at Alvarez Organic Farms we heavily promote it, by specializing in over 200 varieties of peppers and 300 different varieties of vegetables, we built our own level.

In the 1990s, after watching a news broadcast about the health hazards linked to genetically modified foods, a disappointed Hilario Alvarez knew he wanted better for his family, employees and customers. So in 1992, Alvarez Organic Farms became one of the few certified organic producers in Washington.


Whole milk, honey