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Fish, Black Cod

Fish, Black Cod

Approx. 8 ounces
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Marinate and ... yum

Also known as sablefish and butterfish, black cod is abundant in parts of the Pacific Northwest and in Alaska. Tre-Fin catches theirs sustainably, with longlines modified for the least invasive by-catch possible.

Recipe idea: Marinating the fish in miso, the Japanese fermented paste made with soybeans, rice and/or barley, is a traditional preparation that is quick, easy and incredibly delicious. Serve the fish with sweet pickled sushi ginger, toasted sesame seeds and daikon sprouts, and some hot rice on the side.

Will arrive frozen in vacuum-sealed package; thaw in refrigerator.

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Did you know? Flash-frozen fish has the best flavor and texture! That's why we work with Tre-Fin—sustainably caught and oh-so-good ...