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Chicken, Spatchcock whole

Chicken, Spatchcock whole

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This is one of Mary Hawkins' favorites at home. Cooks super fast in a hot oven or on the grill. Spatchcock is a whole bird, backbone cut away, pressed out flat. This shape allows legs and thighs to cook through while breast meat is protected from heat and stays moist. Brilliant!

Cornish Cross chickens are raised in open air hoop houses on a deep bedding of sustainably harvested, soft-wood chips and oat straw. The birds are fed a custom-blend of local wheat and peas mixed with minerals, fishmeal and enzymes. They have a generous rotating yard in the hay field and never receive hormones or antibiotics. The birds are harvested at 9-to-10 weeks old and have rich chicken flavor and lots of tender breast meat.

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