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Cheese, Asiago

Cheese, Asiago

Approx. 5.7 oz.
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Asiago Pressa, Aged +3MO VEGETARIAN

Our Asiago Pressa is styled after the Pressata style of this cheese in Italy which is typically only aged 2-3 months. Ours uses whole milk which gives this young version a sharp and grassy flavor.

A great substitute for cheddar in most applications, this cheese will definitely make your homemade pizza worth talking about. Enjoy this beloved household staple in cooked dishes to really impress your guests!

2017 American Cheese Society Winner

Comes to us from Ferndale Farmstead via Puget Sound Food Hub. Within the heart of the Pacific Northwest, in Washington state, three generations of the Wavrin family are proud to present artisan cheese crafted in the Italian tradition. This happens on our farm in Ferndale. We use only milk we produce from cows we raise, fed from the crops that we grow. We make authentic heritage cheese from Italy, our cheeses come to life under the principles of old-world cheesemaking, with a focus always on purity and flavor. All handmade in a closed-loop system, seed to cheese- From our farm to your table!Our philosophy is:

From the SEED in our SOIL to the GRASS in our FIELDS to FEED our cows that we MILK to make the CHEESE on your TABLE!

Our Seed-to-Cheese process is an important part of our value system. Ferndale Farmstead is truly sustainable, in that we grow our own feed used to nurture our own cattle on the same place where the milk from those cows is turned into our cheese. This is all in our hands, and we put the utmost care into each step so that you can be sure the cheese was crafted pure, from seed... to your table.


Pasteurized milk, salt, cultures, enzymes