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Our celery typically has deeper green color and robust sweet flavor than what you might find at the grocery store from big growers in California. Crunchy crisp goodness for snacking, cooking, and juicing!

Comes to us from Griffin Creek Farm via Walla Walla Food Hub, formerly known as Full Circle Farm (at Griffin Creek), we grow certified organic vegetables year round in the fertile Snoqualmie Valley. Griffin Creek runs alongside our fields, starting up by the barn and flowing into the Snoqualmie River. It is a magical creek, running cold and fast, that we pay homage to everyday as it is home to our local population of Coho Salmon. It is an important habitat to the spawning salmon. In the summer, the creek is shallow and a wonderful place for the kids to frolic on hot summer days, what we refer to it as “creekin’.”Our growing success would not be possible without our five greenhouses. In the Pacific Northwest the cool, rainy springs can last well into June. In order for us to optimize what is already a short growing season, we start almost all of our crops in the greenhouses.