GWC Provisions weekly ordering: Members access starting Tuesday, Guests Wednesday. Orders close at 3 p.m. the following Monday. Shipping available 24/7 on most items!

Become a Member!

You do not have to be a Member to shop at GWC Provisions; you're welcome to register as a Guest, SNAP/FDNP, or Shipping customer! Membership makes the most sense for Wallowa County residents, but anyone who would like to support our mission is encouraged to become a Member.

Sign up at the bottom of this page for a membership subscription to enjoy these perks:

  • Free home/workplace delivery 
  • Early entry to the weekly order menu
  • Lower order minimum ($35 instead of $60)
  • Bonus treat in every order (often Arrowhead Chocolates!)
  • Insulated tote bag (see below) 
  • Invitation to autumn Harvest Gathering 
  • 10% off encaustic painting workshops at element in Joseph
  • 15% off all merchandise (barware and apparel; excluding alcohol) at Stein Distillery in Joseph 
  • Autographed hardcover copy of Lynne Curry's Pure Beef cookbook ($34.95 value)
  • Discounted subscription to “Cook with What You Have” recipe service
  • Exclusive/advance access to canning quantities of produce
  • Sourdough starter from Pitchfork Garden with Lynne Curry's Simplest Sourdough e-book
  • 10% off all gift boxes on the Genuine Wallowa County gift box/gallery site
  • Warm fuzzies of knowing you are supporting local businesses!

Your membership automatically renews every 30 days. You may pause or cancel at any time; refunds are not available. 

Please note that when you create a Membership account using the PayWhirl button below, it is a separate account from your GWC Provisions shopping account.

FAQ: Does the Membership fee go toward my food purchase? 

No. There are two aspects of Provisions:

  1. Buying the food
  2. Getting the food

Because as much as 80% of the price of a food item goes directly to its producer, membership mostly has to do with getting the food. 

FAQ: May my friends and I share a membership? 

Yes! Any group of people may share a Membership; just select one person to pay the fee and place orders. These orders are delivered as one parcel; it’s up to the group to divvy it up. Membership dividends are limited to one per membership.

$1 from every order goes to the Community Connection food pantry. Shop your values and support your neighbors with GWC Provisions!

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